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Informed Talent connects talent and employers, creating meaningful engagements.


Employers want to understand you better, these surveys (powered by Survey Monkey) are designed to help inform decisions, initiatives and key actions within organisations. Please take the time to answer these professionally, giving you the chance to help shape how employers design future campus/graduate initiatives. We will do our best to share a summary of the results with you and when possible, run a follow-on event to check our interpretation of the results.

All results are anonymous unless you openly provide your details during the survey itself.

Survey # of Questions Closing Date
What do you want to see from Informed Talent? 3 - Do now
What physical engagement rewards would you like to see? 3 - Do now
What do you think about how employers try to attract and engage with you? 4 - Do now
When do you want to chat online? 4 - Do now
What questions would you ask an employer during a live chat? 1 - Do now