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We don't ask for your GPA/Grades, we want to know about you, what interests you and where you want to go. Build your profile with us so employers understand you better. Worried about asking questions within Informed Talent? Don't be, you have the ability to anonymise your profile and comments making sure you get the most out of your engagements.

Engage with employers in a more real-time setting, you no longer have to wait for a physical event or the interview to have your first interaction with a potential employer. Chat to employers via our chat module, leave comments and questions for them on the engagement wall and answer their surveys to help employers better understand talent.

You have a voice within Informed Talent. We encourage you to leverage the Informed Talent platform to engage more with employers, learn from them as well as ask your own questions and share your experiences to help improve the overall candidate/employer relationship. We will look to address key topics such as: what makes a CV stand-out; why are organisations using more video interviewing tools; what do employers look for during networking events; and so on. Have a burning question/topic you would like addressed? Submit it today and we will do our best to host a chat about it.

Missed an online chat? Don't worry you will be able to find a summary of our chats within the portal to review at your own leisure.

Have a burning question or feedback on an experience? Post it on our engagement wall (you can even anonymise it if you like).

It doesn't stop there. We believe face-to-face interaction is just as important as digital engagements. The more you engage within Informed Talent, the more points you earn to redeem against physical engagements such as office tours, half a day shadowing, lunch with a graduate recruiter and so much more.

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