For Employers

It takes a lot of effort to ensure your messages are reaching the right audience. Informed Talent brings the audience to you, allowing you to focus your efforts on engagement. Ensure your storytelling has more impact and tell it directly yourself.

Informed Talent is all about engagement virtually and physically throughout the year. Providing employers the chance to tap into their target talent pools more consistently, positioning themselves as employers of choice, whilst informing talent at the same time. We are not asking for GPA/Grade or displaying your typical data that may result in unconscious bias when targeting and selecting students. It also provides employers the chance to try out some of the latest recruitment technology tools such as Meet & Engage (online chat), HackerTrail (gamification for tech students), Pulsifi (prediction of candidate traits and multi-dimensional psychometric assessments), it also provides the ability to survey talent whenever works best for you to inform business decisions and insights that are relevant for you.

Informed Talent provides you with a platform to engage and learn from your target talent all year round. Built with employers and students in mind, Informed Talent provides employers access to the Singapore market in a truly engaging way.

Use the engagement wall to address real-time comments and questions. Watch out for key insights to inform your own strategies. Be prepared to share your own comments and feedback.
Online Chats are powered by Meet & Engage. Manage your online chat sessions (text or video). Engage across multiple topics from travelling to work, preparing for your event/interview, What you look for in assessment centres and how to stand-out.
Survey your target talent, tap into the talent you are aiming to attract. Understand their motivations and viewpoints on things that matter to you as a business in your country.
Pilot new technologies to support your campus out-reach initiatives: Launch gamification sessions for tech talent in partnership with HackerTrail, chat online powered by Meet & Engage, uncover traits of each candidate and predict their likelihood of succeeding in various roles through Pulsifi, request technology partnerships that interest you.
Don't know how to find and recruit campus ambassadors? Reach out to those who have put their hand up. Build on your physical campus presence and leverage ambassadors.
Evolve your traditional campus model, moving towards a blended model providing a more high touch engagement. Reach out to students directly regarding your listings, designed to remove bias from your out-reach, we don't ask for GPA/Grade, we encourage students to update their profile with other assessment profiles, portfolio of work and interests, all valuable insights, positioning themselves in a more rounded way. You can also see if they have engaged with you previously via the platform.
In today's increasingly connected and global world, virtual and digital engagements become highly valuable. We believe there is a balance to be struck between physical and virtual engagements, reward students for being engaged and list your physical engagement rewards for them to select from.

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