About Us

Informed Talent provides a digital platform that enables employers to focus on what is truly important – real engagement. Informed Talent is designed to support the much needed evolution of the campus recruitment marketing model. We aim to provide a digital platform that enables employers to have more interactions with students throughout the year. Enabling students (talent) to engage with employers in a more real-time setting, addressing real-time concerns, questions and topics to help inform talent during their career decision making process.

What we are not:

  • A job board
  • An online resource library
  • A tactical recruitment tool

We are:

  • Designed to support continuous engagement with talent
  • Providing various engagement tools: chat, engagement wall, surveys, games and assessment tools
  • A place for both students and employers to stand out, engage and make a difference

We are a start-up with ambitious plans. With aspirations to expand within South East Asia and Hong Kong in 2019.

If you want to be part of this journey or have feedback on how we can continue to add value to you (whether you are a student or employer) we would love to hear from you: info@informedtalent.com