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We’ve gone a bit quiet.

Despite positive feedback, meetings and some fantastic chats and engagements with clients we have decided to take a break. For multiple reasons we have decided the market is not quite ready for Informed Talent. However, we strongly believe that there needs to be more meaningful engagements between employers and students and hope something will be created to help address this disconnect.

Over the past year we have spent a lot of time speaking to students & employers, here are our three top tips for employers:

  1. Decision making takes place throughout the whole year. This gives you a huge window to keep your campaign switch on, informing, updating and engaging students continuously. Try to stop bombarding them all within the same timeframe and expect a different result.
  2. Really review and question the content you are sharing. Is it your typical corporate spiel, is it adding value or is it just the same as your careers website?
  3. Listen. Speak to your target talent, find out what they want, need and how best to deliver it.

And for our students:

  1. Please please please keep asking employers for more information and let them know in what form you would prefer it in. Whether that be online chat, live streaming, speakers at events and so on. Employers want and need to hear these thoughts and recommendations directly from you for anything to change.
  2. Do not be afraid to network and ask questions. The more you do it the better you will become, trust us you will not be black listed.
  3. Focus on what makes you interesting. Tell your story and bring your strengths and passion to life.

Good luck, we can’t wait to see what happens within this space next. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if and when things should change for us.

Star Seniors Series

Concerned about the overwhelming process of internship and job applications? Feeling unsure about how you should begin crafting your resume and cover letters? Unclear about whether this industry is the right fit for you? We got you covered!

Have all your concerns, doubts and questions answered by participating in an online dialogue with seniors who will be sharing about their internship and job application insights.

Tuesday, 10 April 2019, 4:30-5:30pm

Chat with James

James Lim is a senior from SMU with a Business degree majoring in Finance. With a keen interest in the private wealth industry, James has gained extensive exposure via his prior internships with J.P. Morgan Private Bank, Bank of Singapore, as well as HSBC.

Come July, he will be joining Credit Suisse as a Private Banking analyst. Come chat with James to learn more about his journey of navigating this highly competitive sector

Introducing and unpacking the Private Wealth Industry | Overseas experience and value | Discussing the hard & soft skills required for the industry | How do you begin crafting your resume? | Tips for juniors interested in Private Banking

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Thursday, 11th April 2019, 6-7pm

Chat with Jean

Intellectually curious and a challenge-seeker, Jean Ong believes that learning does not stop in the classroom. Throughout her three years in Nanyang Business School, she actively involves herself in university life while chasing her passion in the asset management industry.

She will be joining BlackRock as part of the Aladdin Client Services Team upon graduation. Listen to how her multiple setbacks and "never give up" attitude have helped inspire her peers to go after their goals.

Passion in the asset management industry and her job search journey | University experiences in case competitions and investment clubs like Nanyang Capital

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Friday, 12th April 2019, 5-6pm

Chat with Faith

Faith Cheong is a senior from SMU with a wealth of impressive internship experiences with key industry leaders such as UBS, Ernst & Young, and so forth. Come July, she will be joining Goldman Sachs in the field of asset-management full-time.

Join and hear more about her thoughts on bringing greater inclusivity and diversity in the sector.

Introducing and unpacking Asset Management | Inclusivity and diversity in the Finance industry | Sharing how she decided upon this career path | Discussing the hard & soft skills required for the sector | How do you begin crafting your resume?

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Monday, 15th April 2019, 5-6pm

Chat with Mildred

Mildred Liu is a 4th-Year economics Major and Global Affairs Minor at Yale-NUS College with a keen interest in the strategy consulting field. Apart from securing internships as a consultant with numerous industry leaders such as Accenture, Roland Berger, and Brunswick Group. Mildred also has with her a wealth of experiences in case competition participation. Emerging as the 2nd Runner-up for the 2018 Oliver Wyman Case Competition, Mildred will be sharing her tips & insights on preparing for case competitions, as well as its value in the consulting field.

Why choose Consulting? | What is Strategy Consulting? Strategy Consulting Must-Knows | Value and Tips for case competitions preparations | What is Consulting? Sharing on the multiple arms of the consulting sector | Tips for internship sourcing, preparing and aceing and navigating the job application process | Inclusivity and diversity within the consulting sector

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Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 5-6pm

Chat with Dhivesh

Dhivesh Dadlani is a 4th-Year Economics Major at Yale-NUS COllege with a wide range of experience in various consulting functions and business development roles. Apart from securing prior internships at Accenture and Lazada Group, Dhivesh also headed the Yale-NUS Consulting Group as the Business Director. He will be joining Digital McKinsey as a Business Analyst upon graduation.

Why choose Consulting? | What is Consulting? Sharing on the multiple arms of the consulting sector | Management Consulting Must-Knows | Tips for sourcing, preparing and aceing internships and job search in this sector | Value of overseas working experience | Conversion of on-campus academic knowledge to application in the working space | Hard & soft skills necessary and relevant to navigate this competitive industry

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Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 2-3pm

Chat with Rim

Rim Bettaieb is a 4th-Year Economics major at Yale-NUS College with an impressive range of consulting experiences with Eden Strategy Institute, Conjunct Consulting, Employer Educational Consulting as well as Hannilab. Join the chat with Rim to hear more about how she prepared and geared herself towards the consulting field, her insights gathered from internship experiences, as well as personal tips on self-care and improvement during this complex process of preparing yourself for the workspace.

Why choose Consulting? | Management Consulting Must-Knows | Balancing student well-being and career aspirations | The journey of preparing for case competitions, internship experiences and finally job experiences | Inclusivity and diversity within the consulting sector

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Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, 5-6pm

Chat with Geoffrey

Geoffrey holds with him a diverse set of experiences within both the local and international technology sector. Since 2017, he has been working for Data-Driven Yale, an interdisciplinary data-driven think tank based out of New Haven. Coming back to Yale-NUS College in Singapore, he started a part-time research internship in applied machine learning at MIT’s research lab at CREATE. This helped him land a machine learning internship within the robotics division at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Having also done a summer internship at Locus Analytics previously, a data-driven economics research firm based in New York City, he will be joining them full-time as a Data Scientist when he graduates this fall.

Be a part of the conversation with Geoffrey to find out more about his overseas experiences and how they are different from Singapore! He will be sharing on sourcing and preparing for internships in the technology sector given the difficulty to enter this industry!

Exploring careers in the Data Science sector | Necessary Hard & Soft Skills required to navigate the technology space today | Tips & Insights into Datathons | How to Source, Prepare & Ace Internships in the technology sector | Tips for Interview Preparation | Relevant & Useful Academic courses for today’s Technology Sector

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Wednesday, 24th April 2019, 5-6pm

Chat with Denise

Denise is a 4th year Global Affairs at Yale-NUS with a keen interest in Technology and the intersection between politics and businesses. Without any technical background, she kickstarted her personal growth journey with an internship at a start-up in New York City in her first year. She further secured internships with Sephora Digital (SEA) and a Leave of Absence internship with Amazon Web Services. She has managed with overloading in her final semester to graduate on schedule and will be joining global CRM platform leader, Salesforce after graduation.

Come chat with Denise if you are curious about how she managed to secure positions at tech companies without any technical background! She will also share how she reconciles her major with her career ambitions and how she manages to stay sane while overloading throughout her senior year!

Exploring options for non-technologically exclusive careers in the Technology Sector sector (Business Functions) | Necessary Hard & Soft Skills required to navigate the technology space today | Why Care About The Tech Space? | How to Source, Prepare & Ace Internships in the Technology Sector | Tips for Interview Preparation | Relevant & Useful Academic courses for today's Technology Sector

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Thursday, 25th April 2019, 5-6pm

Chat with Daniel

Daniel has a strong interest in programming which stems from his love of building things. He finds it rewarding to be able to have an idea of a product and actually creating it. Having interned at technology firms such as SAP and Holmusk, he has won 3rd place in the CodeIT Suisse 2017 Hackathon organised by Credit Suisse. Daniel also has experience building a couple of freelance mobile apps for a local food wholesaler with his peers. He is a Triplebyte certified software engineer and has a highly varied experience in the technology space. After graduation, Daniel will be joining Facebook as a Software Engineer.

Join Daniel’s chat where he will be sharing advice on the many subfields of technology that you may not have heard of. Daniel will also share about how to source, prepare and ace technical interviews!

Exploring careers in the Data Science & Software Engineering Sector sector | Necessary Hard & Soft Skills required to navigate the technology pace today | Introducing & Unpacking The Value of Hackathons | How to Source, Prepare & Ace Internships in the technology sector | Tips for Software Engineering Interview Preparation | Relevant & Useful Academic courses for today's Technology Sector

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